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Have Some Fun With These Exciting Sleeve Styles

Have Some Fun With These Exciting Sleeve Styles

It’s an exciting time for women’s fashion - with so much to choose from in terms of shapes, styles, patterns and fit. But along with everything else, there’s a quiet revolution taking place in that humblest part of a dress - the sleeves! That’s right, there are now so many different styles to choose from that it can make anyone’s head spin. Gone are the simple straight sleeve styles, with a choice of long, short, mega or sleeveless. Ok not gone completely, because classic cuts never really go out of favour. But there are a myriad of exciting styles and shapes to choose from these days, so those of you who love to experiment with their style and are not afraid to stand apart from the rest, these out-of-the-box designs are sure to win your hearts.

Check out the following styles from Campus Sutra if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends: -


Exaggerated, loose and puffy sleeves are all the rage right now. They look delightfully casual and fun. A bonus is that they feel super comfortable and breezy during the intolerably hot summer days. Wear this eye-catching casual red dress for a breakfast date with your BFFs, paired with comfortable flats.


This fun and floral mini dress features sleeves that have a double layer of ruffles. It’s a truly unique, playful, over the top and comfy look for a memorable, exciting and active vacation. Pair it with ankle-length boots or cushy sneakers.


This floral button-down number in hues of grey, peach and white features trims at the ends of the sleeves to match the ones at the helm of the dress. It’s a casual, youthful and peppy look which is absolutely perfect for the college divas.


Work can be boring at times (or always) but that doesn’t mean workwear should follow suit. Sprinkle a dose of fun and fashion in your workwear with this stylish polka-dot mini dress with slightly puffed short sleeves with trims at the end.


Scrunched up sleeves never fail to look dramatic and eye-catching. This beautiful midi dress in pink combines the elegance of a finely-pleated skirt with the attitude of scrunched up sleeves to give out a vintage and timeless vibe.


Fashion is all about being bold, taking risks and experimenting with new looks. This stunning mini dress has a tantalising scrunched hemline with exaggerated butterfly sleeves and is perfect to score fashion points at a night out or house party.


Flared sleeves are all about comfort. This lovely fitted midi dress with an off-white base and polka dots in varied hues plus short flared sleeves is extremely comfortable for a day at work, but will also not look out of place at a beach vacation.


Take your flared sleeves game to the next level with this stunning formal dress featuring exaggerated flared sleeves for a dramatic effect. It’s great for a dinner date or a late-night soiree. Don’t forget to pair it with black pumps.


Net is an interesting fabric and an easy addition to elevate any regular dress. This party dress features full-length net sleeves to give a glamorous yet subdued look.


This lovely fitted mid-length dress in powder pink has a ruffled hemline and flared sleeves that are uber fashionable and perfect for the summer season. 

These were our top 10 picks from dresses featuring interesting and out-of-the-box sleeves, but this is not all that Campus Sutra has to offer! With an exciting range of dresses that is refreshed regularly, you have an eye-watering assortment of tempting dresses to choose from for every mood and occasion. So go all out and stock up on all these trendy designs before it’s too late!

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