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Picking Out The Best Casual Shirts For Men This Season

Picking Out The Best Casual Shirts For Men This Season

Let’s face the hard truth. Men’s wardrobe has always been a bit dull. Boring solids, stripes and checks rule their shirts, while bottoms are always jeans and trousers in neutral colours. Women’s fashion, on the other hand, flourishes every season with innovative designs, colour palettes and prints, not to mention the insane amount of categories they have to choose from! 

Good for the girls, we say, but why should girls have all the fun? We at Campus Sutra believe that every person should have fun with their clothes, irrespective of their gender. So, in keeping with our mission to provide stylish clothes and unique looks at jaw-dropping prices, we have a mind-boggling range for men who like to stand out because of their style.

And it’s the season for fashion too. The days are sizzling, so why shouldn’t you? Summer is a great time to experiment with colours and prints. So our team at Campus Sutra has picked out some of our best casual shirts for men to flaunt this season.


This geometric print shirt has a bold design with an interesting mix of colours that is just perfect for carefree days with friends, whether in college or on vacation. It’s unique and colourful without being loud. Pair it with light blue jeans and sneakers for a regular day out. 


Florals have always been associated with women and that’s nothing short of a travesty! Nature doesn’t differentiate between her children, and men should start appreciating the joys of flaunting floral designs too. This printed shirt hits all the right notes - it is bold and experimental in its design, but has muted colours so that the overall look remains playful and independent but subtle as well. 


Do I wear a t-shirt or a shirt today? A classic dilemma faced by every other guy, every other day. So we say - why choose? This casual shirt is an interesting hybrid - primarily a shirt but with a henley neck, long t-shirt sleeves, and a super cool youth-inspired design that is a classic. If you are in the mood to be experimental, this casual shirt will make sure you stand out for the right reasons.


Ask a guy what his favourite colour is and chances are very high that he’ll say black. Black shirts are a timeless classic and look great anywhere, but it’s possible to have a little fun with the classic black shirt too. So Campus Sutra brings to you this summer-inspired shirt - black base with a watermelon print, which is stylish, playful, colourful but also grounded. Wear it in college, at work, or at a pub - we guarantee you’ll be a hit everywhere!


Solids are a men’s staple for a reason - they look elegant and effortlessly classy, not to mention solids can look apt for just about any occasion - whether formal or casual. But solids don’t have to be boring either. Summer, especially, is the time for choosing refreshing, soothing palettes, and this solid shirt in pink is just what you need. If you feel pink is a girly shade, look again. Pink is a gorgeous colour that suits all skin tones and looks fabulous on men as well as women, and it’s gaining popularity among men since the last few years. So go ahead and pick up this contemporary shade to show that you don’t believe in archaic stereotypes!  


If you’re craving stripes, we’ve got you covered. Stripes are the ultimate fashion statement for men, and they offer immense possibilities for experimenting. This white and blue striped shirt is made for the summer with its soothing hues, short sleeves and short collars. Inspired primarily by the sea, this shirt will look super cool on a beach vacation or a poolside party. Pair it with white jeans or denim shorts for maximum impact!


Colour-blocked shirts are another staple that has been ruling the fashion circuits, and for a reason. It is classy plus youthful - a rare mix. This particular shirt in hues of navy blue, white and grey is an evergreen piece. You can wear it as it is or over a plain white t-shirt, depending on the vibe you’re going for. 


What comes to your mind when we say white shirt? Plain, dull, boring? Well, this shirt by Campus Sutra will change your opinion. White is synonymous with summer - it is the most cool and soothing shade to flaunt when the mercury is soaring, but white shirts have become predictable and commonplace. So Campus Sutra presents this innovative metallic design spin on the classic white shirt which will be an instant hit at any party or in college. 

With hundreds of designs on offer, it was not easy for us to pick out these eight pieces. Explore our entire collection of casual shirts for men at and grab all your favourite shirts for the summer before stocks run out!  

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